HERE IS NUNCA MÁS the new album from Colombian rock band REPBLICA DE CXERVOS

Produced by Jorge Vanegas (Vulgarxito) and recorded by David Cardenas, Momia Negra Records is honored to announce the release of the new album NUNCA MÁS from the Colombian rock band REPXBLICA DE CXERVOS.

The album is raw and powerful collection of songs that represents the face of the ideology and image of Szarruk in this project.

REPXBLICA DE CXERVOS -RXDXC- recorded by Felipe Szarruk (Vocals, guitars) and Leo Neizza (Drums) and featuring Rodrigo Mojica in the bass guitar finally shaping a project which started as an experimental band back in 2013 and now became Szarruk new album. In the same year the band had the first line-up achieving a protest song called #MANIFESTO which without even having an official released achieved remarkable recognition.

REPXBLICA DE CXERVOS was awarded with “super group of May” by the Colombian radio station La Superestación, and also reached some of year's best in alternative media such as Suba Air or EMITC La Salle; at the time that Szarruk woke up enough interest and gave a concert tour.

The Band full of energy began the recording of the album and suddenly the producer felt the need of going to look for the lost aircraft of Malaysian Airlines since his theories were that this aircraft was abducted by aliens and therefor Szarruk was forced to quit the recording.

In 2016 the recording finally found the path and achieved a total of eight songs plus a bonus track, concrete and as simple as it is, Szarruk uses emotions like “hate” as a creative tool and giving self-meaning to a feeling that for some others shall be negative.

The graphic novel that accompanies the release tells the story of a group of people who practice magic rituals; both the story and the illustrations are the creative job of dedicated Szarruk’s daughter Paula Casas Szarruk.

REPXBLICA DE CXERVOS then intends to be at the forefront of the Colombian rock scene with a sincere, raw and visceral argument and without a pressure of any kind and made with all the passion that represents being a rocker in Colombia.


Nene Rabioso Rock Agency
Momia Negra Records.

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